The name “il Poggio” has very ancient origins deeply rooted in the history of quarrymen, as it indicates a flat ground along the steep debris scarps also known as “Ravaneti”; it was the rendezvous and resting point along the journey of marble blocks from the quarries to the port. 420 m above the sea level, the “lizza” group reached, at “Il Poggio”, the first stage of their very tiring path.

In the 19th century, at “Il Poggio”, which is now identified as Fantiscritti area, there was one of the Marmifera stations. The Marmifera was a work of great historical and engineering importance for Carrara: a railway connecting the three quarrying basins, Colonnata, Fantiscritti and Torano, to be used exclusively for marble transportation to the city factories and the port.

In the 50s, with new technologies such as road transportation, the railway started its decline, new and big lorries dominated the quarry roads;

Yet, over the centuries, “il Poggio” has never lost its function as rendezvous and resting point for those who worked in those places, thus there was the need of offering some food, simple and often based on the famous Lardo di Colonnata together with some wine, after the definitive closing of the Marmifera in the 60s. From that moment, the railway station has been known as the Restaurant “il Poggio”.

From 1980 until today, the restaurant has been managed by the Bruni family that, with passion and perseverance, has kept the traditions and flavours of that place.

With a range of clients varying from workers to entrepreneurs, tourists and celebrities who visit or frequent the marble quarry every year, the restaurant “il Poggio” keeps on offering unique dishes of the Apuan territories

Typical Food of Apuan Alps



  • TAGLIERINI NEI FAGIOLI (taglierini pasta in bean soup)
  • TORDELLI (ravioli-like pasta typical of the Apuan area)
  • LASAGNE TORDELLATE (lasagna strips with Bolognese sauce)
  • BACCALÀ MARINATO (marinate codfish)
  • TESTAROLI DELLA LUNIGIANA (Lunigiana’s testaroli)
  • LARDO DI COLONNATA E PANE DI VINCA (lard of Colonnata)
  • SPAGHETTI ALLO SCOGLIO (reef spaghetti)
  • TORTA DI RISO DOLCE (sweet rice cake)
  • TORTA DI CASTAGNE DOLCE (sweet chestnut cake)